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Influencing kids — the buyers of tomorrow.

While it’s a known fact that kids influence several buying decisions of the family, it’s interesting how businesses take efforts to ‘inspire and develop the buyers of tomorrow’.👦👧

And why not? Aren’t we humans creatures of habits?🤷‍♀️

Look around and you might be surprised that some of the brands which…

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Inside the psychology of money.

I’m sure we all often splurge with just a few card swipes and yet don’t realise the enormity of our spends or at least not while swiping the card.

Psychology says that paying by cash makes the cost of good more salient, which is otherwise masked by card payment. …

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Why a penalty should be threatening ?

It’s said that when you use ‘Loss’ (penalty) to encourage a behavior, the penalty must be threatening, else it will lead to reverse motivation.

Here’s how it works.

There was a daycare center that had a problem with parents being late to pick up their kids. …

With Mother Nature’s embrace to unwind and relax.

It’s no secret that nature makes one feel good.

Today, after many months, amidst the mountains, lush greenery, the quiet calm, and the myriad of bird calls echoing around me, I felt truly close to nature.

It’s incredibly refreshing to sometimes shut ourselves off from our otherwise busy and digitally…

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Why Do Men And Women Shop Differently ?

Inside the Human DNA that makes us shop the way we do.

While it’s a known fact that we’re a clan of hunter-gatherers, history has it that for ages men👨have been the ‘hunters’ who tried to kill🏹 the prey quickly before it was out of…

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Inside the science of decision-making.

As humans, we hate decisions that are imposed on us. Rather, we love being given choices as it gives us control (or at least creates an illusion of control) and makes us feel powerful.

That holds true in case of kids as well. Remember how as kids we loved when…

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A voracious reader, an eloquent writer, and a marketer in the making.

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