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I happened to bump into someone

who is looking for

a partner who is

5'10, eggetarian, loves dogs, meditates, has brown eyes, and lives within 5 kilometers.

Well, I don’t blame it on that someone.


that someone

is used to eating nothing but

Subway :P



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Sometimes life is a Buffet -

You try and test, and settle for exactly what you’ve liked. (friends, acquaintances, romantic relationships)

Sometimes life is a la carte -

You try to make a seemingly smart decision without a trial, which you may later celebrate or alas, regret! (arrange marriage)

Sometimes life is a Thali -

You have absolutely no choice whatsoever (boss, co-workers)


all you want your life to be is

a Bento Box

that’s specifically curated for you artistically and thoughtfully with tiny portions of many — love, laughter, content, care, peace — together which make for a Life that’s absolutely fulfilling.



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I carefully bit semicircles into the cheese croissant,

and took tiny sips of the cold coffee

conscious of the faint lip color I transferred to the sipper,

interspersed with lady-like bites of the cookie,

with a stranger who kept me company

along with the many thoughts which rattled in my head like a dime in an empty cup.

After we dispersed,

I dashed my way to demolish the silk-like mango cheesecake,

and polish off the steaming hot Momos dotted on the inside with corn like the stars in an unclear night sky.

I ate like no one was watching,

because now no one really was!



My take on some of the commonly used phrases

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‘Don’t take me negatively, okay ?’

‘You won’t get me wrong, na ?’

‘I don’t intend to be mean or something, but….’

These phrases are like

Handing a band-aid to someone you are about to put in front of an army tank.

Tying a children’s gas balloon to someone you are about to push down a cliff.

Putting a swimming tube around someone you are about to push in a stormy sea.

Handing Burnol to someone you are about to push in a volcano.

#OkayThanksBye :P



The lipcolour

How much ever you try out the shades on your HANDS

The real assessment is when you wear it on the LIPS

Hopefully, you’ll pout your way through. ;)

But alas!

If otherwise, there’s no return or exchange policy.

Just like an arranged marriage. :P



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