Is Writing On Social Media The New Form Of Public Speaking ?

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Yes, I think writing on social media is a new form of public speaking.

Remember the elocution competitions and assembly prayers in school ?

Oh, the back-stage nervousness while you’re waiting for your turn!

That tiny piece of paper in your pocket.

You reading those particular 4 lines for one last time because you keep messing those up, only to read them again, and again, and yet again.

You turning a deaf ear to other participants on stage because you fear forgetting your bit.

You’re next.

Blood gushing to your ears.

Sweaty palms.

Trembling knees.

Uneasiness in the tummy.

Heart racing faster.

You take a deep breadth.

You hear your name, and you walk up to the mic.

The next moment, you are a different individual! You are immersed in your performance. The storm within you has calmed, and you’re oblivious to your surroundings. You are ‘in the flow’.

There is an applause, and you walk back feeling like a ‘Star’. You’re already a winner in your head, even before the results are announced! You feel like a different person for the next few minutes.

Ah, that adrenaline rush after the stage performance!

Well, in the digital era, the applause has taken the form of ‘views’, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, which needless to say give a dopamine hit for sure

But the thrill of public speaking ? Oh, that’s unmatched, and is missed my epic proportions.



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Neha Doke

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