My Farewell Note On The Last Day Of Work

It’s said that sometimes good things need to fall apart so that better things can fall in place. And so, after a few magnificent years with Mercedes-Benz India, today I’m moving on.

Well, the journey here has been quite a ride, and as a young marketer, it’s been a privilege & an absolute delight to have had the opportunity to explore both the digital & the retail space.

During the 44 months that I have walked through the corridors of Mercedes-Benz India, I lived through 3 bosses & 3 roles including 1 role expansion, some landmark service marketing campaigns, witnessed some of the biggest initiatives in the luxury automotive space, wrote & re-wrote dozens of creative briefs, locked horns with the agencies and did a million follow-ups — be it with the dealers for their enquiry target achievement or with the agencies.

And I will eternally be grateful for all the incredible opportunities that nurtured the marketer in me, channelized my creative thought process & developed my business acumen.

Needless to say, just as the brand promise says, my learnings and experience gained through the years have been — ‘the best or nothing’.

And yes, first jobs are a funny thing — because they give you so many of your life’s “firsts”!

I guess all I have to say now is that I’m leaving with an arsenal full of skills, a network full of some very kind souls, a heart full of purpose, and definitely a smarter, wiser, braver and a stronger version of my younger self.

And while I might be super excited to see what the new chapter holds and reach for the new stars, I’ll always remember my time with ‘the Star’.

As I’m writing this, I recall a wonderful phrase I happened to read recently — “Life is in the transitions.” :)