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What Makes ‘Candy Crush’ So Addictive ?

Inside the Game Design Technique of ‘Candy Crush’.

If you have ever played Candy Crush, have you noticed that when you’re unable to make a move for a few seconds, there’s a “Glowing Choice” which is one of the possible solutions though not the optimal one? If you go ahead with the “Glowing Choice”, you’ll most probably end up losing.


Because game developers know the fact that as a gamer it’s an exhilarating experience to get stuck in a game, go ahead with the “Glowing Choice” and see oneself progress even if one loses eventually. Losing in this manner is a much positive experience than getting stuck in a game, feeling frustrated and giving up.

After all, don’t we hate feeling like a loser even if it’s a single-player game?

“Glowing Choice” is a game technique that ensures you don’t quit the game feeling demotivated, which in turn increases the chances of you returning to the game next time.

That’s an example of motivational psychology used for effective gamification.

Have you too noticed similar techniques based on motivational psychology that dissuade a customer from giving up a product or service and instead encourage repeat purchase?



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