When Your Mum Is A Helicopter Mommy

Idol of Lord Ganpati

My mum being the helicopter mommy that she is, has the constant urge to spy on me and my dad even when she ain’t in town.

Though not physically, she’s mentally here, right here! And oh the flurry of calls we receive through the day for updates on all our movements, and proceedings in the house!

With the Ganesh festival around the corner, she can’t wait to be back in town soon.

So, in vengeance to her constant surveillance, my dad and I decided to give her some FOMO by sharing with her some pictures we captured while we were out for a stroll.

When the ticks on WhatsApp turned Blue, my dad & I tapped our feet in a slow dance to the faint sound of Nasik Dhol that played somewhere far across the road. ;)


Nasik Dhol: A type of music which has become the cultural identity of Maharashtra’s celebrations. The music is played using double-sided barrel drums and kettledrums.



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Neha Doke

Neha Doke


Voracious Reader | Eloquent Writer | Avid Coffee Drinker | Marketer In The Making | From Mumbai, India